SSA reports and data

SSA Enabling Act (1960, incl. amendments)

SSA Enabling Act


History of 5:30AM freight ferry schedule from WH

530 AM Trip History – Updated 2018


Approved operating schedules

coronavirus_schedule_complete_20210116_copy1 (1)







Lawsuit statement from SSA re City of New Bedford and freight, dated May 31, 2002

SSA’s Local Rule 56.1 Statement


Letter from SSA Press Director Sean Driscoll about Woods Hole terminal construction costs

Terminal costs 2019


Fare hike proposed at September 12, 2018 Port Council meeting



Invoices received for consultant work from SSA by Mass. Public Records Law

Massachusetts_Public_Records_Request_to_Steamship_Authority (2019)

Invoices (2018)


HMS Consulting and Technical, proposed work plan, July 5, 2018 (see beginning on page 70 of meeting package)


HMS Consulting, selected by SSA for external review, June 19, 2018

HMS Consulting and Technical Proposal

SSA Request for Proposals for External Review, May 18, 2018


Proposed Operations Improvements, SSA Staff, May 7, 2018


Proposed external review for SSA, handout of Vineyard Board member Marc Hanover, April 23, 2018

Marc Hanover Handout – 2018-04-23

McKinsey and Company external study, completed pro bono, 1994

McKinsey & Company – 1994


Tetra Tech Trash Study (contracted by SSA), April 25, 2018

TIS-OB Waste Transportation Alternatives – report


Freight Service Model, Jan. 26, 2018 (SSA is author)

A Proposed Service Model Jan 22 2018


SSA Preliminary Report on the Feasibility of Providing Freight Service Between New Bedford and Martha’s Vineyard (SSA is author)



SSA Analysis of SeaBulk Application (rejecting 3rd-party proposal for freight service New Bedford-Martha’s Vineyard in 2001)

Analysis of Seabulk Application – 2001-04-25


Mainland Freight Facility Analysis – 1997 (SSA is author)

Mainland Freight Facility Analysis – 1997-11-14


SSA Traffic Report



SSA traffic by truck category

Traffic Stats_2010 to Sept 2018


SSA Staff Summary on New Bedford, Bastille Day, 2016


SSA Staff Summary on New Bedford, April 12, 201

Staff Summary re Feasibility of New Bedford (April 12, 2012)

2003 SSA Minutes (full)


Entire Year 2003

2002 SSA Minutes (full)

2001 SSA Minutes (full)

SSA Public Session Minutes – Entire Year 2001

2000 SSA Board Minutes (full)

SSA Board Minutes 2000

1999 SSA Board Minutes (full)

Minutes – Public – 1999 – 01 thru 03

Minutes – Public – 1999 – 04 thru 06

Minutes – Public – 1999 – 07 thru 09

Minutes – Public – 1999 – 11

Minutes – Public – 1999 – 12

1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998 SSA Board Minutes (full, large .zip file)


1998 DEC to JAN Public Meeting Minutes

1997 DEC to JAN Public Meeting Minutes

1996 DEC to JAN Public Meeting Minutes

1995 DEC to JAN Public Meeting Minutes

1994 DEC to JAN Public Meeting Minutes

1993 DEC to JAN Public Meeting Minutes

1992 DEC to JAN Public Meeting Minutes

1991 DEC to JAN Public Meeting Minutes_Executive Session Minutes Redacted

1990 DEC to JAN Public Meeting Minutes_Executive Session Minutes Redacted

1989 DEC to JAN Public Meeting Minutes_Executive Session Minutes Redacted

1988 DEC to JAN Public Meeting Minutes_Executive Session Minutes Redacted

1987 DEC to JAN Public Meeting Minutes_Executive Session Minutes Redacted

How much jet fuel does the SSA take to the Vineyard airport each year?

“We have 700,000 gallons of fuel that we get every single year, the majority of that is during the season, that comes over in 88 trucks, and if those trucks aren’t delivered then we can’t fly, and if we can’t fly, your impact becomes our impact,” said Peter Wharton of Oak Bluffs, who is an airport commissioner.


SSA Monthly Traffic Statistics – 2017

Operating schedules between Woods Hole and Martha’s Vineyard


2017 MV Operating Schedules

2016 MV Operating Schedules

2015 MV Operating Schedules

2014 MV Operating Schedules

2013 MV Operating Schedules

2012 MV Operating Schedules

2011 MV Operating Schedules

2010 MV Operating Schedules

2009 MV Operating Schedules

2008 MV Operating Schedules


SSA Occupied Capacity Reports (daily)

2022 Occupied Capacity in Excel format 01012022-12312022 Occupied Capacity Report (1)

2021 Occupied Capacity in Excel format 010121-123121 Occupied Capacity (2)

2020 Occupied Capacity (1)    also in Excel format 2020 Capacity Report

2019 Occupied Capacity Reports also in Excel format 2019_Vessel_Capacity

2019 Occupied Capacity Reports

2018 Passengers

2018 Occupied Capacity

Occupied Capacity Report 2017













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