URGENT: Please write in support of S2361

Please write in support of S2361 (Senator Susan Moran’s bill):

“An Act relative to municipal equity in Steamship Authority operations”

See: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/192/S2361

Written testimony may be submitted by email to Kirsten.Centrella@mahouse.gov.

See text in bold below is the new text to be inserted into the Steamship Authority’s Enabling Act that Senator Moran’s bill proposes.

Section 3.

The Authority shall elect one of the members as vice-chairman and as secretary and shall also elect a treasurer who need not be a member of the Authority. The votes of the members of the Authority shall be weighted such that the county of Dukes County member’s vote shall count as thirty-five percent (35%) of the whole; the Nantucket member’s vote shall count as thirty-five percent (35%) of the whole; and the Barnstable, Falmouth and New Bedford members’ votes shall each count as ten percent (10%) of the whole, to the end that the votes of the county of Dukes County and Nantucket members, if cast on the same side of any motion placed before the Authority, shall pass or defeat that motion. A vote of greater than fifty percent (50%), including a vote from a town whose vote is weighted under fifteen per cent (15%), of the weighted vote shall be necessary for any action taken by the Authority. Members whose combined votes count as more than fifty percent (50%) of the whole shall constitute a quorum. No vacancy in the membership of the Authority shall impair the right of a quorum to exercise all the rights and perform all the duties of the Authority. 

See bill: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/192/S2361

If you are in agreement with the amendment, please consider writing a letter of support by July 28 for Senate bill 2361 to:

Please address your letter to:
Representative William M. Straus
House Chair, Joint Committee on Transportation


Senator Joseph A. Boncore
Senate Chair, Joint Committee on Transportation

Please consider including one or more of the points below in your letter:

Mainland port towns must have a voice.

Falmouth has no voice on the SSA Board (10% of the vote is not a voice in comparison with the 70% vote the two islands have).

Falmouth residents are disenfranchised from decision-making concerning the SSA’s impact on Falmouth.

The SSA has become a destructive organization for its mainland port towns.

The SSA’s freight monopoly has forced a zero-sum game on Falmouth.

Mainland port towns must have more of a home rule voice to remain healthy.

Again, the bill is here: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/192/S2361

The hearing is on July 28, 2-4PM. Signup to speak is here:


As speaking opportunities may be minimal, written testimony on the bill is likely the most significant contribution we can each make.

Written testimony may be submitted by email to Kirsten.Centrella@mahouse.gov

Please submit your letter by July 28. Thank you for your support!