SMART Analyses



SMART analysis of traffic share of Steamship Authority cars, buses, and larger trucks on Woods Hole Road (S of Oyster Pond), sum of S and N traffic count passing S of Oyster Pond Road intersection TrafficsharebySSAinSeptember2020


SMART review report “On the Costs of Freight to Martha’s Vineyard from Woods Hole versus New Bedford” (December 2020)


SMART presentation to Town of Falmouth Transportation Management Committee (November 2020)

SMART projection scenarios of future truck freight to Martha’s Vineyard


Projection scenarios can also be downloaded as a PowerPoint slide.


Downloadable as a PowerPoint slide.

Comparison of SSA auto and trailer truck rates with five other comparable ferry systems

Cost comparison auto and trailer truck 2018

Comparison of rates for autos

Comparison of rates for trailer trucks

URGENT! Please write in support of S2361!

lease write in support of S2361 (Senator Susan Moran’s bill):

“An Act relative to municipal equity in Steamship Authority operations”

See: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/192/S2361

Written testimony may be submitted by email to Kirsten.Centrella@mahouse.gov.

Please consider including one or more of the points below in your letter:

The SSA has become a destructive monopoly.

The SSA is destroying its mainland port towns.

Mainland port towns must have a voice.

Falmouth has no voice on the SSA Board (10% of the vote is not a voice in comparison with the 70% vote the two islands have).

Falmouth residents are disenfranchised from decision-making concerning the SSA’s impact on Falmouth.

The SSA has become a destructive organization for its mainland port towns.

The SSA’s freight monopoly has forced a zero-sum game on Falmouth.

Mainland port towns must have more of a home rule voice to remain healthy.

Again, the bill is here: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/192/S2361

The hearing is on July 28, 2-4PM. Signup to speak is here:


As speaking opportunities may be minimal, written testimony on the bill is likely the most significant contribution we can each make.

Written testimony may be submitted by email to Kirsten.Centrella@mahouse.gov

Please submit your letter by July 28.

Thank you for your support! 

SMART explanation: How has SMART Citizens Task Force arrived at the truck count of “as many as 600 trucks a day” between Woods Hole and the Vineyard?

New Bedford port plans

New Bedford port development plans

Draft March 2020

Draft March 2020

Source: Focus Area South report, pg. 58

“There is renewed interest in a freight ferry service to Martha’s Vineyard, prompted by continuing pressure on the Steamship Authority (SSA) by residents and businesses in Falmouth/Woods Hole to remove truck traffic. If the original roll-on/roll-off facility on State Pier is deemed not suitable at this time then this redevelopment area may offer an opportunity to accommodate freight ferry service to Martha’s Vineyard and ultimately Nantucket – both of which were established as technically and financially feasible in independent studies conducted for the state and NBPA and which would produce positive job creation and other economic benefits to New Bedford and both islands. Between 20 and 30 local jobs – not counting the indirect effects of expansions by off-site suppliers documented in prior studies – would be produced as a consequence of freight ferry service to the islands.” (NEW BEDFORD WATERFRONT REDEVELOPMENT PLAN: FOCUS AREA SOUTH, Draft March 2020, page 25)

SMART Questions for the SSA’s New Bedford Service Model


1.  Will the SSA be issuing a Request for Proposals for the future NB freight service that would be open to all to submit a proposal?

2.  When will Craig Johnson’s work begin?  Freight service planning would have to begin at least 18-24 months before service could begin, and need not wait until the last day of State Pier repair.

3.  How will Craig Johnson be compensated for his work?  For example, is this a $20K/report (as was last summer’s “initial report” work) or will Mr. Johnson’s firm be brought in for more time?  For what period would Mr. Johnson or his firm be under contract?

4.  What if Craig Johnson’s firm wants to bid on the route itself (as Mr. Johnson or his firm may well like to)?

5.  How will the SSA participate actively in identifying and securing outside funding for the estimated $3 million to 5$ million repair for the State Pier?  What is the expected time frame for that process of identifying and applying for such funding?  Which SSA staff will be responsible for this activity?

6.  SSA staff stated at the Falmouth Board of Selectmen’s meeting on January 22, 2018 that the first run of the day from NB would be haz mat only.  Does that mean that other non-fuel freight trucks could not be on that same first boat to the Vineyard from NB?  Could automobiles and passengers be on that route?

7.  Why is the SSA not allowing for more open parameters on the frequency of freight trips that could be made between New Bedford and Martha’s Vineyard?  For example, why are only two round-trips proposed?  Why is the SSA limiting the duration of the proposed service to only 40% (22 weeks) of the year?


Prepared in response to A Proposed Service Model presented by SSA staff on January 22, 2018 to the Falmouth Board of Selectmen.


Below is report prepared by Craig Johnson (August 2017)